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We don’t just tell you what’s been said. We tell you what it means. For your users. For your product. For your business. We find the right approach to support your project goals. Sometimes fundamental insights, sometimes tangible UX optimisation, but it’s always effective, creative and user-centred. mindline UX delivers.


It‘s the result that counts!

We don’t offer you methods. We provide you with research-based solutions to increase the success of your digital and analogue product development. Wherever you are in your development cycle. mindline UX delivers: solutions.

Discovering insights & defining requirement
Containing investment risks
Developing benchmarks & identifying potential
Together with our qualitative market research colleagues at mindline | Rich Harvest, we can deliver the whole range of methodological approaches: from ethnographic research through to online tools and focus groups, right up to the development of personas.
To get the most out of your investment, we offer you effective test options: individual interviews, workshop settings, classic methods such as card sorting and tree testing as well as rapid prototyping and eye-tracking.
Keep an eye on the status quo of your product in the competitive environment with our quantitative KPI analyses: in the form of benchmark analysis, monitoring over time, remote interviews, telephone surveys and mouse tracking.


He who laughs last …

We’re not interested in how many clients we have. We’re interested in you coming back. Because we’ve helped you, your team and your business progress. This is the mission of the entire mindline Group. And we’re delighted that the image study results from marktforschung.de confirm the success of our approach. mindline UX delivers: satisfaction.


The UX specialist in the mindline Group

UX Research is a whole lot more than usability research. It’s the aspiration of offering excellent solutions regardless of the method. This is another reason why we are proud to work as part of the mindline Group – where methodology specialists and industry experts work side by side. mindline UX delivers: experience.


A winning combination

What drives a project forward? Years of professional experience? Or the unadulterated view of a trainee? We believe it takes the right mix of experienced researchers and young minds to innovate.

Einfachheit ist die höchste Form der Raffinesse (Leonardo da Vinci). Was bedeutet Einfachheit im digitalen Kontext?

Torsten Kiefer



Was sagt die Bedienbarkeit einer App oder Software eigentlich über die Marke aus, die sie repräsentiert?

Jörg Kunath

MA Soziologie

Managing Director

Wie entsteht Spaß? Und warum versuchen wir nicht, jede Tätigkeit mit mehr Spaß und Freude zu füllen?

Joshua Behre

BA Wirtschaftspsychologie

Research Consultant

Wie versetzen wir den User in den Flow?

Dr. Ernst Roidl


Freier Mitarbeiter

Ab wann kippt nutzerzentrierte Gestaltung in öde Standardisierung?

Dr. Olaf Rüsing


Freier Mitarbeiter

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